Images from the Maine Canoe Symposium.
Photos courtesy of John Meader Photography ©2015
Maine Canoe Symposium    June 7-9, 2019
Children’s Voyageur Canoe
Poling Workshop
Class at the beach
Tandem class
Demo at the beach
Canoe sailing
Women’s poling
Ming the Merciless
Outrigger canoe
Standing tall
Symposium Store
Rocket stove workshop
Ron and Terry
Fire starting
Space to relax
Enjoying the morning
Voyageur Canoe Race
Studying the nuances
Father and son
Ben’s team before the race
Gil and Kevin
Tomahawk throwing
One on one time
The Golden Boot Award
Paddle making workshop
Totem pole
Winona Pines
Traditional solo paddling
Canoes at the beach
Canoeing is for families
These aren’t models, they’re little canoes
Goin’ paddlin’
Canoe sailing
Double bladed paddling
Racing canoe
Modern poling
Ready to swim
Wild edibles workshop
Community bow drill fire starting
Trip advice
War canoe
Rolling class trials
Team one
Team two
Look how I modified these wheels
Dining hall
Northwoods stroke
Happy couple
Bow stroke
Sit and switch paddling
Bow drill
Styles demo gathering
Making a stove
A bug coat like you’d use in the northwoods
A voyageur’s tale
Dead fish polo
You see it works like this . . .
Vendor tent
Parachute fun
Family paddle
Winona camps
Silent Auction
Blade finesse
It feels totally different when you’re upsidedown
You Got It!
Friends sharing a moment
New friends
SUP--Stand up paddleboards
I’m cheering them on
Lean that boat
Father and his sons
Maine Guides swapping stories
Fitness for paddlers
An MCS veteran
A late afternoon moment alone
Old friends
The climbing wall
Junior Pro Staff
Jim in the bow
Cuts like a knife
Dave and Lynne
Mom!  You know what I did . . .
Little dug outs
Just before stepping aboard
Are you coming?