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Maine Canoe Symposium

June 7-9, 2019


2019 Featured Evening Speakers

Friday Evening: Maura and Bobby Marko will present "Adventuring with Young Children." wefoundadventure.com

Saturday Evening: Jim Baird will present "Four Rivers to the Labrador Sea," a 33-day canoe trip from Shefferville, Quebec, to Hopedale, Labrador. theadventurer.ca

Registration for 2019 is now closed. If you still want to attend then please call 207-647-3721.


    MCS 2019 Workshop Schedule - Final.pdf (Updated 6/2/2019) MCS-2019-Information-for-Participants.pdf (Updated 5/21/2019)    
    MCS 2019 Workshop Descriptions - Final.pdf (Updated 6/2/2019) MCS-2019-Suggested-Gear.pdf (Updated 5/21/2019)    
    MCS 2019 Children's Workshops.pdf (Updated 6/2/2019) Expectations About Children in Workshops.pdf (Updated 5/28/2019)    
    MCS_Registration_Form_2019.pdf (Paper registration for those who want that) MCS-2019-Directions.pdf (Updated 5/21/2019)    

MCS Mission Statement: Established in 1986, the Maine Canoe Symposium is a volunteer-run, nonprofit weekend event held annually at Camp Winona on Moose Pond in Bridgton, Maine. The Symposium encourages participants of all ages to develop an understanding and appreciation of the diversity of North American canoeing heritage and to develop canoeing and related skills through educational workshops, presentations, and hands-on instruction.

We love dogs, but we kindly ask you to please leave your dog at home.

Maine Canoe Symposium
c/o Winona Camps
35 Winona Road
Bridgton, ME 04009
Reservations: 207-647-3721
Information: 207-650-2669
Email: info@mainecanoesymposium.org