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Maine Canoe Symposium June 7-9, 2019


Winona & Accommodations

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Accommodations at Winona vary from personal tents on the ball fields to Winona's spacious wall tents and bunkhouses. Meals are served by the Winona cooking staff in the dining hall. The food is American fare with vegetarian options.

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Camp Winona has hosted the Maine Canoe Symposium every June since 1986. Winona is a premier boy's camp since its founding in 1908. The camp occupies over 300 acres, stretching more than a mile along the shores of Moose Pond in Bridgton, Maine. Boys stay at Winona for seven weeks each summer. It is a camp rich in tradition.

As the late camp director Al Ordway described Winona, "Throughout the seven weeks at Winona, a boy learns new skills, makes lasting friendships, and grows physically stronger. Accomplishments, even if small or unnoticed at the time, add up daily. But what motivates him, especially after his camping session is over, is a stronger sense of accountability for his actions. Winona boys will grow more confident of their own place in society, as well as more aware of the world at large."

To learn more about Camp Winona, visit their website at: www.winonacamps.com.

Maine Canoe Symposium
c/o Winona Camps
35 Winona Road
Bridgton, ME 04009
Reservations: 207-647-3721
Information: 207-650-2669
Email: info@mainecanoesymposium.org